Vessels EP

by The Function

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Fringes of indie, soulful and alternative rock, The Function (Coeur D'Alene, ID) redefine what modern rock can do. Their first EP, Vessels, released Spring 2012, displays the groups powerhouse sound and hints at what's to come.


released April 3, 2012



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The Function Coeur D'Alene, Idaho

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Track Name: Vessels
If I must die... bury me in fertile ground
Let my bones sprout and wrap to roots of trees that will be cut down

I don't think I'll ever want to let you go
I don't think I'll ever want to let you stay

What is this for? You grow a lawn just to cut it down?
What is this for? A thin layer just to hold the soul.
I wont need you, I wont need you anymore

I lost my body
Track Name: Deck of Cards
These deck of cards hold my fate; and on them I’ve got everything placed

I water my grave

I heard the bombs go off again, 52 questions in my head
Oh these deck of cards, they’ve been misplaced. I can never count on them

I water my grave with fire

We’ve got advertisements, walking around inside us, trying to get out.
Are we all advertisements, waiting and waiting for a chance to shine?

And I water my grave with fire
Track Name: That Mountain
I do believe I found my way
But I was just thinkin’ about home
All those ghosts who’d run down those halls
and into my radio

Hey, that mountain cast me in the sea
Hey, where I land I guess we’ll see

I used to not care
I used to not even care
I would just brush it off with a smoke

But I am a believer
After all is said and done
I do believe that there is hope

I’ve got questions now...

Hey, I used to recognize my brain
Hey, the garden’s welcoming the rain
Track Name: Driver
You have been my friend, I have been your snake
Tempting you to make a deal, whatever it takes
There has always been fear, running through your soul
If these walls could talk, they'd say nothing at all
If you're selling your soul, make sure and get a deal
If your robbin' me blind, keep your driver at the wheel

I'm coming down again, I'm coming down to let you know that I am out of time to spend

When they give you surgery, leave a tip at the table, you don't want to leave them cursed, you don't want to look ungrateful

I'm coming down again, I'm coming down to let you know that I have seen what's waiting at the end
Track Name: Hosea
Set me on dry land and slay me with thirst
Slay me in the wilderness, place me in the Earth
My wool and my linen, my oil and my drink
Lead me to the door of hope, there I will sing

The land will mourn and all the blood will rise
My heart is enslaved by harlotry and wine
My drink is rebellion. I do not direct my deeds
Lead me to the door of hope, there I will sing

My faith is the morning cloud, the dew that fades away
For I try to find You in what a workman has made
Wickedness I plowed and; iniquity I reap
Lead me to the door of hope, there I will sing